What is Slimefun?
Slimefun is a plugin that adds new and powerful items to survival. These items include tools, resources, plants, and more!

You can find the recipes for all of the Slimefun items in the Slimefun guide that you spawned with (or /sf guide if you happen to need one). If an item is locked, you must unlock it with experience levels before viewing how to craft it.

Some Slimefun items that you may find in the wild include various plants from ExoticGarden, such as berry bushes or special trees, and dusts from mining ores. The dusts will definitely be needed if you want to craft Slimefun items, so hold on to them!

If you have anymore questions about Slimefun, you can view the wiki page here or, you can ask any of the players on the server!

While you don't have to work towards unlocking the Slimefun items, it adds another interesting dimension to survival and gives you more goals to work towards!
How do I use Towny?
Towny allows you to create and maintain towns. The main command for it is /town, or /t.

A full list of Towny commands can be found here. Below are a few basic commands to get you started:
Create a town: /town create (Make sure to stand at where you want your town to be before you type this command!)
Add a player to your town: /town add [player]
Remove a player from your town: /town kick [player]
Teleport to your town: /town spawn
Claim a townblock: /town claim (Make sure to stand on the land that you want to claim!)
Deposit money into your town bank: /town  deposit [amount]

The lowest town level has a daily upkeep of $10 per day. If your town has insufficient funds in its bank to pay this cost, it will fall into ruin.

Do not feel pressured to join a town! It is just one of many different ways to play on the server.

How do I protect my builds and possessions?
To protect your builds, you can either join a town and build there as described earlier, or use a grief prevent block.

When placed, the grief prevent block prevents players from creating or placing blocks in the region.

To change the settings of the region, simply right click the grief prevent block with an empty hand, and a menu will pop up. Here, you can change the region's flags, size, and allowed players.

To remove your grief prevent block, right click it with an empty hand and select "Settings" > "Take" (the diamond pickaxe), and it will be placed into your inventory.

Click here for a video tutorial for placing the grief prevent block, resizing the region, and showcasing the different menu options.

When you first join the server you are given a grief prevent block. If you ever need another one, simply ask a Sr. Mod or higher, and they will give you one for free.
To prevent other players from stealing items from your chests, barrels, etc., we use a plugin called LWC.

When you place a chest or other container block, it is automatically locked to prevent other players from accessing it.
You can also use this to lock doors, trap doors, and almost any block a player can interact with!

Some useful commands for LWC are:
Lock a block: /cprivate
Add a player to a locked container: /cmodify [player]
Remove the lock for a container: /cremove
Create a donation chest: /cdonation
Allow a hopper to interact with a locked chest: /lwc flag hopper on
What are the ranks on the server, and how do I rank up?
Most of the ranks can be obtained through playtime.

The list of the main ranks includes:
Default: This is the rank that every player starts out with. Default has 2 homes and basic commands such as /tpa and /back.
Member: This rank can be obtained by playing for 3 days, joining the discord, or registering on the website. Member has 3 homes, can request a nickname,  and has access to /craft.
Trusted: This rank is given to players who have proven they can follow the rules and have played on the server for at least 3 months. Trusted has 5 homes, has access to /enderchest, /skull, and can place colored signs. This rank can also apply for staff.
Veteran: This rank is given to the loyal players who have played on the server for at least 6 months. Veteran has 7 homes and access to /stack and colored chat.
How do I make money?
You can make money by selling items at /warp Market or selling to other players.

There is a shop plugin that allows you to set up your own chests where players can buy items from you.

If you type /shop, you can see a list of commands for this plugin.

To create a shop, hold the item you want to buy or sell in your hand, and type /shop create [amount] [buy-price] [sell-price]. Then, right click on a chest to create your shop!

We recommend creating your shops in towns so other players can easily access them.